In our simple quest to override default settings and the forces of mediocrity, we set our sights on the big game of big ideas and original, exciting – and effective – results. And we’ve built a big and pretty deluxe tent to do that under: While our nearest competitors are daisy-chaining together middlemen and contractors, we make our bones (and our name) as a full production company, boasting our own working studio, and an unparalleled logistical planning team. We have the army to back up a think tank, and put our whole hearts and clever minds into producing events that will generate excitement and rededication, not to mention improve the quality of work-life for your people. Thats the animating mission, vital impulse, and clear goal behind our every last event.

Our Take

Our best work – the bold and brave productions, the experiences and events by which we’ve made our name – comes when we have every member of our carefully picked dream team working toward a unified vision, asking the right questions, leaning on each other’s abilities, and trusting the process.

We keep all of our clients' work in-house, making sure that vision and values are not watered down, but well-communicated and nurtured by our company's culture, and a direct working relationship with each of our specialists. A huge part of what we do comes down to understanding our clients and their goals, and to asking the right questions to help us establish the goals and objectives that can measure and achieve your best return on investment.

For 15 years now, our culture has been our greatest asset in producing events of every type and scale, for the nation’s most demanding and ambitious clients. We are trend-setters in our market, and we put a lot of work into making this look easy – we want you to enjoy it, worry-free, just as much as we do – but we put even more into making you look good, and your event feel worthwhile.

What Our Clients Say

“You were extremely helpful and addressed my every need with calm professionalism. The party was a HUGE success and I could not have gotten through it without your awesome service! I was very impressed with every detail.”
Construction client
“I found you extremely open and accepting of working with me to plan our event. You brought great ideas and solutions to the table, as well as went above and beyond to accommodate my requests. It was also terrific to partner with her at the event, and because of her efficient, pleasant and knowledgeable presence of our event and expectations, I was able to enjoy our event. I would not hesitate to work with you again in the future.”
Technology client
“Event Experience was great! I look forward to using your services in the future!”
Aerospace client
“Event Experience Team pulled the event together at the last minute - super helpful and accommodating. Understanding of our time crunch. The onsite team was amazing and helpful and vested in making sure we had a GREAT time!”
Retail client
“Your team was excellent! They all were very helpful and willing to do anything I needed them to do. One of them even picked up my camera and started to take pictures of the events for me. I am always so very thrilled with your team! They made our event even more fun and enjoyable for the employees and their families! You all ROCK!”
Construction client
“You have an incredible team and an amazing gift for design. I can’t thank you enough for all the orchestrating of the event that you did behind the scenes in addition to creating the exact ambiance and vibe we were going for. It was absolutely positively the best event!”
Insurance client